On July 1, 1966, Robert H. Schulteis and Rollie Theisen bought out the construction assets of Joey Neu of Goldendale, WI. The new company was named Richfield Trenching. One year later, Robert bought out Rollie and renamed the company Slinger Trenching. 


In 1971, after years of performing excavating projects for various customers, Robert obtained his Master Plumbing License and began to install septic systems.


By 1972, Robert realized that there was also a need to pump septic systems. With the purchase of a used 1951 Chevrolet water tanker from the Jackson (WI) Fire Dept for $1000, and a $400 investment in a 3″ diaphragm pump from Ackerville Garage, a septic tank pump truck was born.

After obtaining his Wisconsin Sanitary License (SY-515), Robert began servicing septic systems throughout Washington County and surrounding areas. It was during this period, in 1971-1973, that his sons, Jim & Ron, began to get involved in the business. 


In 1980, with only one operator in the area, Robert & his sons saw an opportunity. They decided to expand the business into providing portable services. This decision allowed the small, but growing company to provide another quality service and helped to increase their revenues. 


By 1987, Robert, at the age of 63, decided to retire from running the business full-time. He sold the business to his sons, Jim & Ron. The brothers decided to incorporate the business. It was officially renamed, Schulteis Sanitation, Inc., to reflect the true nature of the business.


In 2013, after 33 years of proudly serving their customers, Schulteis Sanitation, Inc. sold the portable restroom division. This sale allowed the company to focus on septic tank cleaning and repairs.


Having entered their 50th year in business in 2016, Jim and Ron decided to sell the Septic Tank Pumping and Repairs division to their sons, Nathan and Tim. The company was rebranded Schulteis Pumping, LLC. 


The company expanded its fleet to include four septic pumping trucks. 


Added a new service vehicle for septic service repairs. 

The Dedicated Team at Schulteis Pumping Today
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With the company now thriving under the third generation of family ownership, Schulteis Pumping, LLC looks forward to continuing to provide their customers with the knowledgeable, friendly service that has been a staple of the company for the past 50 years.